We supply industrial electrical equipment
from the following fine manufacturers...

ADALET - explosion-proof enclosures and control

ASCO - automatic transfer switches

AVTRON - load test resistor banks

  pushbuttons and pilot lights, circuit breakers and switches, timers and contactors, general control

ELECTROINDUSTRIES - digital meters

ELECTROSWITCH - instrument and control switches

FERRAZ SHAWMUT (MERSEN) - fuses, wire duct, and power blocks

FLEX-CORE - current and potential transformers, transducers, and accessories

  - see SIEMENS

GE COMPANY   digital products in power and motor protection for industries and utilities

LOAD CONTROLS   power transducers and pump monitors explosion proof models


MICRON - control circuit and dry type transformers

MITSUBISHI   uninterruptible power supplies

MOTORTRONICS   electronic soft starters and controllers

MTE Corp   line reactors, long lead filters, and transformers

NDSL, Inc   Cellwatch battery monitoring systems

PROTECT CONTROLS - custom designed power and control buildings

POST-GLOVER - power resistors and grounding systems

RUGGEDCOM   industrial fiberoptic ethernet switches

SIEMENS - starters, pilot control, motor control centers, solid state and soft start motor controls, low and medium voltage switchgear

VIRGINIA TRANSFORMER   liquid filled power transformers to 300MVA, dry type to 30MVA

YASKAWA   AC variable speed drives, AC motors, formerly MAGNETEK